Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Try this one at your next Scrabble Game

Hot on the heels of Proppiness [Reported by RW, who put Sarah to bed last night]:

RW: Here's some water for you.

S: Y-E-M. Yum!

RW: No, sweetie, Yum is Y-U-M. Y-E-M is, um, "Yem." That's not a word in English. [Side note: is it maybe a word in Yemenite? We don't know.]

S: Y-E-O. What's that?

RW: Yeo. Also not a word in English [She thought about "yeoman," but decided not to go there. There's only so much etymology you can do with a 4-year-old on your first school day back to work.]

S [Working hard for a stumper]: M-E-O-S-I-D-Y. What's that?

RW: Meosidy. Wow. That's a really good word. I don't think it's a real word, but it should be. What do you think it should mean?

S: What?

RW: It's sort of a cross between melody and prosody. [Then, snapping out of music-major reverie,] It also sounds like "meow." How about, the sound of your own cat's voice, and how you can tell your cat's voice from any other cat's voice? [RW glosses: "from the Greek root, meos, meaning 'to complain at the door.'" Thank you, RW.]

S: yeah. Meosidy. Meosidy. Meosidy.

She was so busy with her new word, she barely even said goodnight.

In other news: Yesterday was a triple-red-letter day. Not only was it my first day back with the kids, and RW's first day at her job with the students there, but it was Sarah's first day as a Dragonfly [picture this word written in shimmery golden letters]. Of the three of us, Sarah is generally agreed to have had the most momentous day. She's been waiting for this since she turned 2-- that's half her life. Dragonflies are the oldest group; they'd be the pre-K in a less hippy-dippy preschool. As it is, they get to go on special field trips and walks, do special projects, and their teacher is Mikey-baby, who is the boss of the whole school.

Sarah seems taller all of a sudden. It really is astonishing.


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