Monday, August 30, 2004

This was the secret

Note: I originally wrote this post on 8/17 and am publishing it now because... RW got the job! It means we won't be moving to Vancouver, and Sarah will be going to kindergarten here next year and not there, and I'll have to leave work at 4:30 every day whether or not I'm prepped for the next day's classes, so I can pick her up by 6 when her childcare center closes. RW and I are both ambivalent and a little freaked out. But a job like this comes along hardly ever. And RW earned it. She really did. So, here's what I wrote 2 weeks ago...

I'm only going to post this blog if RW gets the job. The one she was doing temporarily for most of last year, which became open as a permanent job a few weeks ago, which she applied for, which she isn't sure if she'll get even though everyone there loved her because her boss, H., is also our friend and knows her and knows she's not cut out for 40 hours a week on a long-term basis and also knows she wants to move to Vancouver soon. So she can't bullshit H. So H. might not hire her. She's been waiting to find out if she even gets an interview.

I dreamed last night that she had it! She had the job! H. was calling or e-mailing or something, can't remember now, to say she decided not to post it after all, just to give it to RW, because it was silly to even think of hiring someone else. [In real life she couldn't do that even if she wanted to, she has to post it.] There were other problems in the dream, about other things, but I remember being really happy about that. Because in real life RW really wants this job even though she's worried about full-time work making her crazy and even though Sarah would have to be in day care full time and the house would be a mess and we'd both have to make lunches every day and it would be stressful. It's the perfect job for her [aside from the full-time, full-year thing]. And she told H. that if she got it she'd commit to it for 2 years and put off moving. And it would be more money coming in, though not that much more after childcare costs. And better health-care coverage.

And then this morning I was getting Sarah ready for preschool and the phone rang, and it was H, calling to schedule an inteview. It was so weird, because that dream was still bouncing around in my head. But I managed not to tell H. about it. Or RW. So I'm writing this post and saving it as a draft, and I'll publish it as a surprise if she gets the job.


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