Saturday, August 21, 2004

No three strikes for mean giants!

Here is Sarah's dream from last night, as she dictated it to me at my request.

“Here’s the middle part. We can just skip the beginning.
A whole group killed the daddy giant. And they nailed his feet down to the ground. But they didn’t kill the mama, the toddler, the baby, or the preschooler, or the teenager. And the baby with a little help from the toddler selled bottles. And the teenager and the mom and the preschooler painted toenails. But the bottles, the baby and the toddler selled, right. That’s all.
[Why did they kill the daddy?]
Because he was mean, and if they putted him in jail they might have to nail his feet to the ground there. [ed. note: the first time she told this, it was clear that the people were worried that if the giant went to jail he would just escape and do more mean stuff.]
[How was he mean?]
Well, he was born mean. And he was a mean baby.
[What did he do that was mean?]
He pushed and he stealed and he snuck into people’s houses and stealed stuff. Like videos. And milk cups, too. And milk and food.
[How did the mama and the rest of family feel when he was killed?]
They didn’t like him. He pushed them. He pushed all of them. That’s why they didn’t like him. And that’s why they were happy that he got killed. He even pushed the baby, and the toddler, too. That makes the kids think that pushing’s okay. And they pushed the father back until he fell over.
[Do you think maybe someone pushed the father when he was a kid and made him think that pushing was okay?*]
That’s all of my story, that’s the very end.”

*Note the leading question, despite my best efforts to be neutral. Didn't make any difference, though. Death to mean giants! No hope of rehabilitation!

Two more notes:
1) It was even better the first time she told me, but I wanted to make sure I was writing it down just as she said it, without any interpretive intrusions on my part.
2) In case you're wondering, this is an extremely sheltered child, with similarly sheltered friends and classmates and lefty/liberal parents who have already inculcated her on the evils of George Bush and why we think felons should be allowed to vote. I don't think she's ever heard of capital punishment. She personally doesn't even have time-outs; our usual response when she's acting up is to sound disappointed. Her main exposure to violence comes from the few fairy tales we've read to her and the few Disney movies she's watched. And her own imagination. Oh, and she loves men and daddies.
3) Any similarity between right-wing domestic and/or foreign policies and the preschool sense of justice is purely coincidental.


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