Sunday, August 29, 2004

14 giant starfish, 10 mermaid tails, 87 cheese cubes and 1 cake later...

Sarah on her birthday presents:

Baby Doctor Barbie [a big hit; not from us]: "She's twins with the other Barbie. They're going to Pilates."

On the enclosed picture of Midge the Babies' Mom with Alan the Dad: "Look! She's marrying a gentleman!"

On the magnetic fairies with woodland background: "There's lots of girl fairies and only one boy fairy. He's going to have to marry all of them. This is a long time ago, when one boy could marry lots of girls, and girls couldn't marry each other."

Fairy wings: "Did they take these off real fairies?" And in response to my comment that that would hurt the fairies: "No, I mean after they're dead."

The party was a blast (for the kids, anyway; RW and I are wrecks, but relieved wrecks). The sun shone, we found a good spot at the park, the kids behaved and participated, Sarah was an excellent host, etc. Lots of parents stayed, which is probably just as well. We did have the sturdiest pinata in the history of birthday parties; everyone kept whacking it with the purple bat, lining up for round after round, and the thing wouldn't break. Finally I ripped it apart and threw the goody bags on the ground, and the kids fell merrily upon them.

And RW managed to find, used, what must be the only gender-neutral kid's bike left in the Western world. It's purple and green and has training wheels. She put electrical tape on the tiny rips in the seat and dressed it up with handlebar ribbons and a new bell and basket. Sarah is thrilled to have a real bike, and we are thrilled that it's not this.

So now we have a 4-year-old. Today we get to clean up the kitchen (me), play with the presents (Sarah), continue to fight off what could become a cold (RW) and go to a wedding this afternoon (all of us). Whee!

Coming up Monday: back to work for me, and a surprise announcement from RW which I am not yet at liberty to reveal.


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