Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nothing to see here, Universe; just move along.

You know, I don't want to jinx I won't say it. I'll just say that we had an incredible summer, hot and sunny and full of leisure and song and water. And then we had a gorgeous, gorgeous October, without too much rain and with really truly glorious leaves all over the place.

And now it is true, the leaves are all falling, and the sun sets nearly at 4:00 exactly what I'm dreading, etc.

And RW was sick for a week, and that did kind of suck. (Though more for her than for me.)

But, well, if I said I was less knocked over than usual this year by Teh November Gloom, that would be just a great big engraved invitation to the universe to send me something truly rotten, wouldn't it? So I won't say that.

Instead, I will note that last week had several extremely crummy days in it. Remember that, Universe? Remember when I burned the corn muffins and messed something up at work? Huh?

Yep. Just keep that in mind, and we'll say no more.


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