Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five Things

Like Iowadrift, I am all too happy to be tagged with a meme. I appear not to have an original thought in my head these days--the floods have washed them all away, maybe. Also, I am tickled that Bihari (I know you changed your handle, Bihari, but the rain has also washed away my memory of the new one, so apologies for that) thought of me. So, thanks! And I will herewith attempt to come up with five things that the Reader might not know about me.

Actually, this is kind of tough, because I've already blabbed all kinds of stuff on this blog. I wrote about how I graduated from college barefoot and I once punched myself in the eye and I was in love with this woman in England a long time ago, not to mention my 7th grade French teacher, and you all already know that I procrastinate like a mad thing. Those are most of my party/staff retreat/icebreaker tricks (well, maybe not the 7th grade French teacher). I'm always mystified when someone says about anyone, with great seriousness and respect, "Well, s/he is a deeply private person." It sounds like such a dignified thing to be. Me, I'm more of a shallowly public person. So I'm not sure if there's very much of interest (aside from the few things that I'm really not willing to blog) that you wouldn't already know about me. But I'll see what I can come up with.

1. I am a pain wimp. This is one reason--though by no means the only one--that Renaissance Woman got to be the designated bio-mom in our family. I mean, if I'd had no choice about it, I would've gone through with pregnancy and labor, and I can see why people might find it a deeply fulfilling experience. But I was more than okay with missing all that and getting to be a parent anyway. Because, well, not so much with the pain.

2. I recently bought a bunch of new clothes and now I look like a grownup professional most work days. Mostly they are rayon. Plus some black velvet/actually-probably-velour pants. It turns out I love rayon.

2a. I am ignoring the care instructions and putting them in the washer and the dryer regularly. We don't coddle our clothes around here. They seem to be doing fine, so far.

3. Since October, I've been learning Torah Trope, which is sort of like Hebrew shape note. I've been meaning to post a whole post about this, but might as well mention it here. It turns out I love Torah Trope, too. Maybe even more than rayon. I never learned to read music, and it feels like I was saving that part of my brain for trope. It also seems to make it easier to read Hebrew--my guess is that it taps into the song-lyric-learning part of my brain, which seems to be exremely well-developed. My plan is to use this new skill to read a very short Torah portion at the Groovy Shul some Saturday morning in the next year or so.

4. My wireless card recently broke, so I'm writing this on RW's computer, which I'm about to have to give up as she's just pulling into the driveway right now, coming home from her singing rehearsal.

5. So, quickly-- ack! One more!--okay: I love maple sugar candy. I crave it. I could do with some right now, in fact.

Now, three people to tag (really fast as RW has to send some email):


..and I'll do what Bihari did, and say: you, too! Write something I don't know about you in comments, okay? Pretty please?


Anonymous Big dumb Rachel said...

Oh MAN! Now I gotta THINK! And... uh... what you said! About the flooding! Duhrrr!

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't it high school that you graduated barefoot from? (ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put?)

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was ordained as an elder in my church when I was 16.


11:04 AM  
Anonymous chasmyn said...

Hmmm...I used to drive a VW microbus.

I once slept with a Chippendale's dancer. He was terrible in bed.

I lived in a log cabin - a real one - somewhere in Ontario when I was 3.

3:05 PM  

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