Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dispatch from the Front

We just got back from an all-school field trip. And boy, are my arms tired. And everything else, too.

High point: Just as our (rowdy, antsy, barely-able-to-contain-themselves) group was about to be admitted to the main exhibit, all the lights in the museum went out. Much confusion and bumping into each other and "who are you?" "Who are you?" "Is that you??" ensued as we all tried to identify each other by the light of our forbidden cell phones and the tour-guide wands that the grownups had been given. Only one kid cried.

Another high point: The organizer flagged our bus down as we were about to leave and asked if we could take a few more kids. Several 8th graders trooped on to our bus of 2nd graders and announced, "our bus caught on fire!"

Query: How can I be ready to curl up in a fetal position when all I did all day was sit on a bus and in an IMX movie theatre and occasionally walk slowly from one exhibit to another? And yet, it is so.

For next time: Always bring a box of crackers. Always. Always.

Note to self: Butts! They're funny! Apparently. Also, songs about dead and decomposing moose. Must investigate further.


Anonymous ppb said...

butts are always, always funny. And poop. Poop is really funny.

And in what universe does it make sense to bring the WHOLE SCHOOL on a field trip? You poor thing!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Pamelamama said...

I brought crackers! nah-na na-nah-na!

Luckily we were seated when the blackout came, having watched six of the seven minues of the pre-exhibit film. Then we got to watch "seven minutes until the next showing.... six minutes until the next showing.... five minutes until the next showing... " etc. (Can't fast forward? Hello, technology??) Finally, some genius who realized it was a load of little ones graciously summarized the final moments of the film and we moved on to the exhibit.

I was actually very surprised at how MUCH my crew got out of the experience. We had a great day -- but yes, definitely arms tired.

9:25 PM  

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