Saturday, January 14, 2006

It Explains a Lot

Conversations with Mermaid Girl, Part I:

MG: What were you before you were a human?

Me: Before I was a human?

MG: Yes. Before you were a human. What were you?

Me: Well, I was…I was…I guess I was a speck in my mom’s tummy.

MG: *sigh * No, not like that, BEFORE that. I mean, like…some people believe that when you die, you get born again into another body, and then another one, and then another one…what were you before? Don’t you remember?

Me: Oh, right…well…I don’t know what I was. Maybe I was another person, or an animal, I guess, or maybe a plant. But no, I don’t remember.

MG: I remember what I was.

Me: Oh? What were you?

MG: [points to a fancy sparkly white horse-like creature on a birthday card she’s been saving] That. I was one of those.

Me: A unicorn?

MG: Yes. Only, I was one with wings. I flew around in the sky.

Me: Wow. No kidding. I’m surprised you weren’t a mermaid, though.

MG: Well, I wasn’t. But that kind of animal is good friends with mermaids.

Me: Oh. That makes sense. Do you remember what it was like, being a flying unicorn? What were you like?

MG [after taking a minute to think about it]: WILD.


Blogger The Lioness said...

Oh good God!

Next time I'm in ISrael you'be better be there visiting your Mum w your daughter IS ALL I'M SAYING!

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