Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Help! Send scotch tape! And 3x5 glossies!

Hey, hi! Hope everyone's okay out there. I am buried in wrapping paper and holiday cards.

Lesson for the week: No matter how many school pictures you think you need, you should order more. I thought we had dozens of wallet-sized and enough other-sized photos of the Mermaid Girl...well, we did have dozens, but apparently that wasn't enough. I was blithely sending them out and only just in time realized that I was about to leave RW without any for her relatives.

And then just now I remembered that I didn't send a card to a really good friend from college who's been great about keeping in touch (I've been sucky). I have no brainpower with which to come up with actual CONTENT, heaven forfend I should be able to come up with something interesting to write on a Chranukkah card. I always figure if I can't write anything meaningful or amusing, at least I can send a photo, and now I can do neither. Humph.

Hey! I think I have inadvertently created a Wednesday Whine!

Somehow, that thought is very cheering.

As is the schadenfreudish thought that at least I'm not having to deal with a transit strike (of course, that's just because we have no transit to speak of out here in the Wild (Pacific North)West).

Okay. Back to the trenches.


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