Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yeah. I don't get out much.

It's come to this: the biggest event of my weekend is going to be the end of Daylight Savings Time. I need that hour. clicking around on blogs, it seems. Though really there are many many things I'm supposed to be doing. I'll spare you the list as it probably resembles yours.

It has been dark the last few days when I get up. Full-on dark. "Is it still night?" Mermaid Girl mumbles confusedly in the mornings, as we hoist her out of her loft bed. All three of us stumble around with our coffee or coffee-equivalents feeling that in some fundamental way this is just not right.

I am tempted to capitalize JUST NOT RIGHT but am trying to be disciplined in my use of typographic empasizers. Shouldn't the words be doing the job? Shouldn't I be a better writer? Shouldn't I be vacuuming the living room at this very moment? Or reading my review book that's due on Thursday?

For that matter, shouldn't I still be asleep? I don't think the sun's even fully risen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no idea that anyone, anywhere, was HAPPY when the fall time change arrived. This is amazing. I thought we all universally, as a nation and a species, agreed that we should not set the clocks back in November. Els, you continue to surprise me.

I'm interested in the question of whether the words should be doing their jobs or whether typographic emphasizers--did you make that up?, it's fabulous--are an important writing tool. I will ponder this, we must discuss it at length one day. I mean, of course the words should be doing the job of indicating emphasis, but on the other hand, italics & stuff are fun. Or are they just for the weak and not-as-literate?


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