Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Shots

Shy Kitty's, this time. I have to say, he's much easier on the medical personnel than Mermaid Girl is. It helps that he's only eight pounds and some.

Thanks all for your injection-related comments on the last post (and welcome, Marina and ALG!). Rachel, your husband is not the only one who has to lie down to get shots and blood draws. I do also, ever since an unpleasant fainting incident about thirteen years ago involving a tetanus shot and a swivel chair.

Back when I was taking methotrextate, I had to get blood draws every few months. I dreaded my four-times-a-year follow-up appointments. It was always the same: get a lab slip, sit in the busy waiting room drinking as much water as possible, hear my name called, and watch the lab tech scurry around in consternation when I explain that I need my blood drawn lying down. This went on for years. As a patient, it always seems like there are such simple things that medical institutions could do to make things a little simpler; like have "administer lying down" somewhere check-off-able on the lab slip, you know?

But I am not in nearly such dire straits vis a vis the medical profession as is poor Badger these days. I'm hoping the gastroenterologist this morning had something to say besides "hmm, yeah, you seem fine to me..." always so helpful, when one is doubled over in pain.

I am such a needle wimp that I was barely able to sit through "Trainspotting." Not sure what I thought I was doing, going to see a movie about heroin addicts--a population notorious for their affinity for needles. I think I was swayed by the rave review in the alternative weekly. I did take the precaution of asking the kid in the ticket booth whether there were a lot of people sticking needles in their arms in the movie, and he assured me that there was "hardly any" of that kind of stuff. I shudder to think what his basis of comparison must have been.

Have to go shoot up now. Yes, I notorious fainter-at-the-sight-of-needles, now inject myself with fancy anti-psoriatic stuff twice a week. I even have my own sharps container. And I know how to use it. But I still have to lie down when other people are doing the injecting.

Maybe that would work for Mermaid Girl. Think we can get her to administer her own flu shot next winter?


Blogger susan said...

Count me in as another needs-to-lay-down-for-blood-draws person, although I have gotten slightly better about it since having my thyroid removed several years ago. Having my blood drawn much more frequently got me a little better practiced about it, but it's still not easy.

Curious Girl didn't cry at all for her flu shot this year. We're coming out of a 2 year period of enormous hysteria at all medical appointments (even the kind where the doctor just talks to the adults in the room--once she even got truly hysterical accompanying me to my own doctor when I had bronchitis). She is actually compliant--usually I can just hold her--but she utterly panicked. But the flu shot this year was pretty quick and it used a teeny needle. And she was pretty taken with the idea that she didn't cry. Tonight in the tub (about 3 weeks after the shot) she said "Mama, I didn't cry for my flu shot" and I agreed that she hadn't. "I not going to cry for my regular shots." Fine with me, I said. All of which is a long way of saying, who knows what MG will do in the future...maybe she'll need to lay down, maybe some year it'll all be fine.

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