Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Infirmary rag

Home again!

One day these days off will end, and I'll be back at work full-time. Hope I can remember who all those children are.

Most of today was occupied with taking MG to her 5-year-old checkup, which I cleverly scheduled right smack in the middle of the day, for minimal opportunity to get anything else done. (Actually it was originally scheduled at 9 in the morning on October 5, but October 5 was Walk-to-School Day and "No, Mommy, I *can't* miss Walk-to-School Day! I just can't!" So I rescheduled it. And she doesn't even walk to school, school is 1.1 miles away uphill! I'm such a sap. I made her walk around the block before the bus got here that morning, though. So she got walking credit and could go to the party and win a pony or whatever they did.)

So, she's fine, she's a healthy 5-year-old. Goofy, though. This was her second doctor's appointment in the past week and she was totally goofy and sassy with her pediatrician as well as the special super-duper pediatric dermatologist I dragged her to last week so that we could all get a firm talking-to on the urgent necessity of smearing her eczema with cortisone twice a day. We knew about that already, but apparently we all needed to hear it again, really clearly and in words of one syllable, so that we'd make her do it and she'd stop fussing and running away long enough for us to let her.

The upshot of that was that last Thursday I set up a sticker system , made a chart, and gave a big speech at dinner about how this was important and it's all three of our responsibilities and if she gets her medicine on twice a day for a week, she gets a dollar to buy yet another *@%$&*%! polly pocket, and we get sushi. If she misses even one application, or if she has a bath that takes longer than 15 minutes, no matter whose fault it is, no dollar and no sushi.

5 days later, she cooperates with the medicine sessions and her skin's getting better. She even jumped out of the bath before the 15-minute timer went off, so eager was she to avoid a bad mark on her chart. We all get our rewards the day after tomorrow.

In the meantime, she had a flu shot this morning and I have a question for those of you with older kids:

At what age, more or less, do they stop screaming and flailing at the prospect of a shot?

It took three nurses to hold her down this time.


Blogger Angel said...

Oh I sympathize on the eczema treatments--my son has had it since he was a few weeks old. For him, though, longer baths work better (I know it's different for different kids). But it's always a struggle to keep it under control. I'm just grateful he likes his oral meds.

(Sorry if this posts twice!)

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