Sunday, October 02, 2005

The joys of nepotism

"Have a thought, write a post," I wrote, so innocently, over 24 hours ago. Hah! That was before Jessie came over for a fun-filled sleepover with Mermaid Girl. After that, my evening was a carnival of catering and policing: dinner, followed by popcorn, followed by hot chocolate, followed by sitting on them to get them to stop talking and GO TO SLEEP. Many thoughts were had, trust me, but the posting, it was not to be.

Sometime this afternoon, after things had calmed down and MG and I had cleaned up the sixty gazillion Polly Pocket dolls and accessories that the girls had dumped on her floor, I checked my stats and noticed this huge spike of first-time readers, all coming from LiveJournal. Huh. LiveJournal, who do I know who has a LiveJournal?...Aha! My cousin Ellen, who kindly featured this blog on hers, which gets checked daily by zillions of people 'cause she's famous and also has lots of just plain old friends.

So, thanks, Ellen! And welcome, Ellen's friends and fans! Nice to see ya. Enjoy. Feel free to poke around the place. If you hear a crunch underfoot, it's probably just a stray piece of popcorn. Or a Polly Pocket. But don't worry; MG has fifty-nine gazillion, nine hundred and ninety-nine others.


Blogger Kate R said...

oh THAT cousin Ellen. Hey, wow, I've heard of her.

My cousin Louise isn't much use in terms of publicity. Neither is Margaret or Daniel or Matthew, the other cousins.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Kate R said...

Here's a link to my cousin (actually mom's cousin) who is of no use in terms of nepotism.

The other cousins don't have webpages about them so they're even more useless. Honestly, I want your relations. Your mom especially.

12:56 PM  
Blogger elswhere said...

Wow, Kate, I've heard of your cousin, too! What, she's no use? Surely even Poets Laureate pick up the occasional romance novel?

I'm sure Robert Pinsky would. Or Billy Collins. You can tell her I said so, in an everyone-else's-kids-are-doing-it tone if necessary.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous handworn said...

Yep, that's where we all came from. But I think I like your blog better than most of the others did (oh, you know, that crowd!) because I'm also a parent of a toddler. And, to boot, in an urban setting near where you were brought up (i.e. Philadelphia). My wife and I can't claim to be a lesbo-nuclear family, I admit (got myself a Y gene), but I like the word!

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Els of the famous cousin, how kind of you to post your blog for all of us with boring cousins to read. I can't think of an interesting thing any of my relatives have ever done, though my partner's grandfather's mother's father was said to have known Belle Starr, cowgirl cattle rustler of eastern Oklahoma. And there is a house in my town which was once occupied briefly by Francis Scott Key's uncle.


11:41 AM  

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