Monday, August 08, 2005

Back from the wilderness

So about a week ago I found myself obsessed with BlogHer, despite not having been to it. I was reading other people's accounts on a minute-by-minute basis. Then I read the follow-up posts.

I was so busy reading about BlogHer that I forgot

Then we went away on one last hurrah in Twinkie the Van. And I was all paranoid about mentioning it because someone mentioned that someone at BlogHer had mentioned that someone's house got robbed when they blogged about going on vacation.

Never mind that I don't have my address up here.

I was kind of addled with getting the food ready and putting together Mermaid Girl's new loft bed and running back and forth to Ikea *twice* and then we were gone!

I read five books. Well, four and a half. We went swimming. We slept in the van, we cooked in the van, we looked at the stars, we had a great time. I was full of thoughts and ideas and energy.

As soon as we got back to the house last night, I felt a great WHOOSH as all those ideas and energy flew out my ears and disappeared into the ether, leaving me only with the great reluctance to do anything and corresponding inability to concentrate that seem to afflict me whenever I cross over the doorway of our house. What's with that?

Fortunately, I took some notes during the first couple days. Unfortunately, they're somewhat sketchy. Here they are:


Post: Question of exclusion/community
--Romance/erotica [writing, that is]
--More...Bloggers? Blogrolls?


Trend: Eating sushi off naked person?
People are warm. Who wants warm sushi?
Beauty of sushi is that it is glistening cold slabs of raw fish.


In the souvenir store on the ferry to Vancoover Island, I came around a crowded aisle and started--coming right at me was a heavyset, short-haired, bespectacled middle-aged woman in a tank top. Maybe a dyke, maybe just practical and frumpy. Oh! It was me! A mirror, where I didn't expect it.

MG flopping on hotel room floor last night, rolling her eyes: "Do I have to sleep in the closet AGAIN?!"

Pink overall shorts & braids & Hello Kitty hat! The cuteness!!

Picture-taking tip: "Look away from me! And NO SMILING!"


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