Friday, July 29, 2005

Notes on Camp

I just dropped the Mermaid Girl off for her last day of Zoo Camp: one week, 1 PM-4 PM, and presumably they are learning all about mammals, though the only fact I've been able to worm out of MG is that Sun Bears are the smallest bears in the world! She told me it was a secret. And here I am blabbing it to the whole Internet.

She loved it so much that she wore shorts all week without complaining, because the literature specified no dresses or skirts. She proudly donned the oversized green Zoo Camp T-shirt every day. She said goodbye to me at the gate with barely a wave, and bopped in to the Zoo Education Center without even looking back. She cried this morning because it was the last day and she would never have those counselors again! Or get to do buddies! Or see all the beautiful animals! Never mind that we have zoo memberships and can go any time, it won't be the saaaaaaame!

Of course, she cries at every possible transition. She cried at the end of Fiddler on the Roof when we went to see it at a community college last year, because she was never going to see those particular (only barely competent) actors again. Still. It's nice she had a good experience.

She told Renaissance Woman last night that a girl at Zoo Camp said that two girls can't get married. Or two boys, either. MG was more smug than indignant, and told RW "I told her she was wrong, two girls can too get married! I'm going to invite her over to our house so she can see the pictures! And the paper on the piano [our official Canadian marriage certificate; we stuck it in a frame and it's been sitting on the piano for the last year or so]! Then she will know that she's wrong!"

In general, I'm not thrilled about MG's obsession with always being right and other people being wrong. But in this case, well... hah!

RW very diplomatically pointed out that MG shouldn't gloat about the other girl not knowing, that that was the same as us gloating if MG didn't know, say, what 47 and 86 was. But still, and just among us grownups...hah!

I don't expect that she'll always want to be so "out" as a kid of lesbians, or that she'll always be thrilled about it. But for now...hah! Heh! Hee hee!

Yes, I'd say that as a first Big Kid Camp in the Big Non-Alternative World experience, Zoo Camp has been stellar.


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