Wednesday, July 06, 2005

There's a reason "Travels" is part of the blog name.

Back last night from LA, heads spinning in a haze of family visits and Santa Monica Pier rides. And the ocean, the real ocean! Into which I got to dip my feet a tantalizingly few times.

We took Uncle Sailorman to the Pier on probably the busiest day possible, July 3. It was kind of a dopey thing to do but it was the only day we had entirely free. We drove him in our rental car and then wheeled him around. In retrospect, it would've been eaiser and safer to take him on the bus in his chair, as the transfers into and out of the car were verrrry tricky.

I think he might've liked it, though. RW is sure he did. It was hard to tell. He wouldn't express a preference for anything, just said "sure, fine, whatever's easiest for you" to whatever we asked.

Just before we left, the Activities Director at his nursing home gave a Furby to the besotted Mermaid Girl. Oh. My. God. I have never so wanted to throw a toy across the room, or in this case out of the car. Have you ever seen one of those things? Or, more to the point, heard them? It's like having a sugar-hyped 3-year-old around. And we've done that already. Yammer, yammer, yammer, yammer, all the way to the airport. There was no off switch, either. And the batteries won't come out without a screwdriver. No wonder that fad never took off.

Even MG had had enough after half an hour or so. "Be quiet!" she snapped, but it continued yak yak yaking about how it was hungry and tired and loved us and whatever. I jokingly suggested hitting it on the head with a mallet. "I have a stick," MG suggested brightly, and bopped it, which just made it squawk more.

Finally I shoved it in a canvas bag under our sweatshirts and it appeared to go to sleep. I was kind of hoping the security people would confiscate it, but no such luck.

Anyway: home again! And gone again, this time on a tour around British Columbia in Twinkie the Van, starting on Friday afternoon! It hardly seems worth unpacking.


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My ex-husband once gave each our girls (twins) a Furby for Christmas just prior to taking them on a car trip to Chicago to visit his wife's family. I don't think it was a very sucessful trip and for some odd reason the girls returned Furby-less!

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