Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Work Work workworkwork

The first day back after the Big Summer Vacation always feels like jumping into very, very icy water. Officially we don't have to be back for another 2 weeks but I like to ease in gradually. I got there at 11:15 today, and that was just about right.

Good things that happened:
  • Saw some people I like, most of whom seemed to be in a similar state of shock about being back.
  • Had a good conversation about books with a kid I've had clashes with in the past.
  • Discovered that my one faithful summer parent volunteer has finished almost all the inventory.
  • Put a couple of kid volunteers to work and thus got a few projects polished off.
  • Cataloged 20 books in a language I don't know.
Bad things that happened:
  • Saw the new schedule. It's not the worst but there are some problems, and they probably won't get solved in a way I like.
  • Asked the Tech Guy what's up with the software update he had assured me would be done while I was gone, and got a bullsh*t blow-off answer.
  • Talked with a [usually very supportive] administrator about a new employee policy I'm not thrilled with, and got a sort-of-defensive blow-off answer.
Hmm, is there a pattern here? I have an idea for happiness this year: More talking with colleagues, parents, and kids, and dealing with books; less talking with tech people and administrators and dealing with administrative pieces of paper.

Oh, and I am going to put a note in my Outlook calendar to remind me to reread Catawampus's posts on behavior management, especially Part 2, on a regular basis. Thank you, Kim.


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