Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Proppiness Chronicles, Part 2

Scene: The living room couch, once again.
Time: Around 9:00 this morning
Cast of characters: Sarah, elswhere [RW is asleep, the lucky thing]

me: Go on, go to the bathroom, and then you can go upstairs and watch TV.

S: [No reply, flops on my legs]

me: Come on, let's see some proppiness here!

S [still flopping]: My proppiness is all the way in the basement [with hand, indicates line very close to the floor].

me: Want me to give you some?

S [perking up]: Do you have a proppiness machine too?

me: Um... I think so. How do I know if I have one?

S [looking intensely and earnestly into my eyes]: You think about it. You pretend you have one.

me [closes eyes and visualizes proppiness machine. It looks vaguely like our hot water heater, only more boxlike]: Okay. I have one now.

S [with a helpful air]: When I first got mine, it took a while to warm up.

me: How long did it take?

S: Oh, about a day.

me: What did you do while you were waiting for it?

S: I just kept it in the basement.

me: Oh. Okay.

[S and elswhere return to flopping on the couch.]


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