Friday, November 07, 2008

Random Bullets of Other News

*I just ordered Olympics tickets for us for February 2010. All we want to see is figure skating, so I ordered three sets of figure skating tickets. Our request will go into a lottery of all the early-requesting Canadian residents, so we could end up with no tickets at all, or with tickets to three insanely high-profile figure-skating events, or something in between.

*Speaking of which: today, Friday November 7, is the last day for Canadian residents to get first crack at Olympics tickets. So order by midnight if you want 'em!

*Having written the above, I'm embarrassed to admit to being psyched about this at all, or to having ordered tickets, because so many of my fellow Vancouver-area-ites are--rightly--embittered and pissed off about all the money and resources being siphoned into Olympic preparations. But, well, I still remember watching Sarah Hughes skate for the gold back in 2002, and how amazing and what a high it was to see her, and it would be SO FRICKIN COOL to be there in person for something like that. So we're giving it a shot.

*A few weeks ago I interviewed for a job I really wanted. Tuesday morning I got the call telling me I was, as they kindly put it around here, "not the successful candidate." I was so wrapped up in the election that I basically forgot about it for a day or two, but now I've remembered and I'm bummed.

*Halloween! It happened, last week! the Mermaid Girl was--get this--Anne of Green Gables. I bought some spray-on-wash-out hair dye for her. Our bathtub is still pink from the washing out part.

*Her school librarian dressed as Babymouse. How cool is that??

*Once again, despite my fond hopes for this new location, we got virtually no trick-or-treaters.

*On the plus side: lots of leftover fun-size chocolate bars.

*Though we gave some of them to the tenants downstairs.

*The tenants continue to be amazingly sweet, endearing, and responsible, but I think they have discovered controlled substances.

*And girls.

*My mom took me out for barbecue last night, with cornbread and potato salad and beans and the works.


*She's been taking us out a lot, and cooking a lot. I'm not sure how we will feed ourselves when she leaves next week; I think I have forgotten where my stove is.

*And my dishwasher.

*She's been looking after the Mermaid Girl a lot, too. She's teaching her to knit.

*They knitted legwarmers for MG's Amurkan Girl dolls. And a skirt, and a hat.

*MG's friend Noella came over this morning before school, due to her parents' complex work schedule.

*MG had NO TROUBLE getting to school on time today.

*I wonder if we could have Noella come over every morning?

*When I called home on my break this evening, my mom reported that MG was deep in a book. And not a Rainbow Magic book, either; something by Roald Dahl.

*When I came home at 9:30, I found my child in bed, curled up with The BFG, which she had almost finished.

*She didn't object when I took it away, though.

*And she grinned sleepily when I promised she could read some more in the morning if she got ready for school early.

*The leaves are still falling.

*And it's dark much of the day and the rain is falling down in torrents.

*And I didn't get that job.

*But even aside from Recent World Events,

*(And not to bring down the evil eye or anything,)

*Things are...pretty okay.


Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Pretty okay feels pretty good, doesn't it?

I hope an even better job comes along soon.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous rachel said...

We put out names in for tickets! We're lame, too, but I mean c'mon. How many times in your entire life do you get to actually attend an Olympics?

We're on the list for short-track speed skating, IIRC...

7:54 AM  
Anonymous MonkeyPants said...

Embittered Anti-Olympics person over here. But I hope you get to see figure skating!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Tall Kate said...

Sorry about the job -- that's a bummer.

I just love that MG was Anne for Halloween! So cool! (My daughter's name is Anne, after all!)

6:07 PM  
Blogger susan said...

So what did she wear to be Anne? that is so very cool. I totally want to go to PEI one day and see the Anne stuff there.

Pretty okay is pretty wonderful given all the changes you've gone through. I sure hope a better job appears on the horizon soon!

7:02 PM  

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