Monday, November 03, 2008

For Day 3: Poop! And pee! It's come to this so quickly!

I don't think I've even mentioned that my mom is in town. And she's been here for almost three weeks, and is staying another week and a half.

It has been GREAT. And one thing that's helped it be great-- for all of us--is that my mom has had her own place for the bulk of her visit. She's been housesitting for some friends of ours, the family of MG's new friend Anya, while they've been out of town. Anya only lives a few blocks away. So my mom has had privacy and autonomy, we've had privacy and autonomy, and she's still come over every day and gotten to spend time with us and help out with MG. It's been swell.

Now Anya's family is back, and so my mom's staying with us for the next ten days. So far it's working out fine; she is an excellent houseguest. But it's a little challenging for all four of us (five if you count the cat, and he DOES, I can tell by his baleful glare) to share the single bathroom. Especially since MG sort of considers it her own personal private reading room and has been known to hang out in there for up to an hour or so.

The other day someone (I will draw a veil over the exact identity) had to threaten to pee on MG's floor to get her to come out, and it reminded me of when I used to live in a funky old group home with one bathroom. There were only three of us living there, but one of us (not me, but the Roommate from Hell) had a sister and a 2-year-old nephew who came to visit for a couple of weeks. During that time it was very hard to get in to use the bathroom. One morning I woke up and I had to GO. Very, very badly. But I could not get in. Also, I had to run very soon for a bus so I could get to my library school class. But I had to go, very, very, very badly.

So I went outside and peed in the yard by the side of the house. I will never forget it. It was raining out, too.

In related news, MG has a little pink electronic pet game thing that she bought with a book order. Her "pet" is not an animal but a humanoid girl figure who hatched out of an egg. It is creeping us out a little that she has a girl for a pet, even one made out of pixels, but whatever. Sometimes she puts the pet to sleep, and then she doesn't have to deal with it, but when it/she is awake it/she will beep periodically and then MG has to push various buttons to take care of her pet's varied needs. Pet Girl has to be fed, and played with, and I don't know maybe she has to have her clothes picked out or something, but the main thing I know about Pet Girl is that every time she poops (which she does a fair bit) MG has to push some buttons and WASH HER POOP AWAY.

If you do not take care of the poop, Pet Girl's Health Level drops and eventually she dies. We know because this is what happened to the first Pet Girl, at the tender age of 23 (really only a couple of days. Pet Girls age more quickly than the rest of us). MG was heartbroken and has been much more conscientious this time around. I feel secretly guilty about it because Pet Girl's console was lying around the living room at the time and I did hear the plaintive beeps and ignored them, figuring that Pet Girl was MG's responsibility, wasn't she?

I mean, she was, wasn't she?? Right???

Gah. I still feel kind of bad about Pet Girl I.

Anyway, Pet Girl II has been with us for a few weeks now, and she is 93 years old. MG has been washing her poop away the whole time. I can't decide whether to be proud of her for nurturing Pet Girl II to such a venerable age or just squicked out by the whole deal.

See, now, aren't you glad I'm posting every day? Who knows what fascinating and uplifting topic I'll explore tomorrow!


Anonymous cheesefairy said...

I am astounded no one commented on this post. It is hilarious! In a kind of creepy way!

Maybe I'm just in a really scatological place right now,(ha, maybe?) but I sure did have a laugh.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

Ah, life. We come out of an egg, we wash off the poop, we age quickly.

10:38 PM  

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