Friday, November 14, 2008

The Day After Love Thursday

Fight the H8 in Your State

I resisted getting all political on my last post, mainly because I posted a link to it at the Love Thursday clearinghouse and it was my very first L. T. post and I didn't want to be a carpetbagger over there.

But now it is Mobilization Friday. So if you want people like me and RW to be able to express their/our love by getting married, and if the passage of Proposition 8 pissed you off or upset you or even unnerved you, and if you have an hour or two free tomorrow, please consider spending some time at one of these rallies. They're happening in all 50 states and many provinces of Canada and in lots of other countries as well.

There's one in downtown Vancouver, but I'll be in a first aid class for work, so I can't go. And, like Crunchy Granola, I'm not totally clear on exactly what the rallies outside of California (and maybe Utah) are aiming for. But it sure feels good to think of thousands and thousands and thousands of people all over the world, making our voices heard.


Blogger susan said...

I"m looking forward to the rally here tomorrow--should be interesting. It is inspiring (lack of clear political direction notwithstanding) to see so many people coming together on one day. (did you see Andrew Sullivan's theory, that gay people only get out and get mobilized after bad stuff happens?)

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