Monday, May 23, 2005

Apparently Mermaid Girl Will be Taking the Transatlantic School Bus

From an E-mail exchange this afternoon:

RW: I just saw on the Smartypants Yuppie School website that they're recruiting volunteers for an ice-cream s0cial for incoming Kindergarten families. Wednesday, June l4, 6-7 PM. I assume they'll invite us in some official way before the 14th...

Ginger's Mom [Ginger is also going to SYS next year]: I wonder if they mean Wednesday June 15 or Tuesday, June 14. And who eats ice cream at 6pm? What the heck time do those folks eat dinner?

Me: Maybe the children have dinner at 5? In the nursery? With the singing nanny? Or maybe not till 8, in the European manner, and so this is just a little late-afternoon snack before they set the kids running around the plaza till they collapse in a heap at their parents' feet at midnight or so?

Hmm... England, Spain, England, Spain...who knows?

Oh dear, I seem to be a bit giddy. We just got a little postcard, though: it's Wednesday the 15th.


Honestly, I know why they're having it at 6: it's so the day-care families can get home from work, and the kids with early bedtimes don't have to be kept up late. But Ginger's mom cracked me up anyway.

We are so curmudgeonly. How can we possibly complain about ice cream? Everyone likes ice cream (except my friend Nora, who says it hurts her teeth). I'd eat it at any hour. Mermaid Girl would, too. Maybe we'll just skip dinner that night.


Blogger Jo said...

Pah! Really funny. Who does eat ice cream at 6?!

10:34 AM  
Blogger liz said...

I do. Or...I did before ice cream became verboeten. Now I eat sorbet at 6.


1:31 PM  
Blogger Nic said...

Ice cream at 6:00pm is the way I have become the babysitter of choice for all of my friends' children. Well, that combined with a willingness to watch Monsters, Inc. 4,556,725,125 times in a row!

This school seems to know what it is doing - the first association incoming kindergarteners will have of the school is that of an ice cream party. Who wouldn't want to go to school there?

9:50 PM  
Blogger PPB said...

ice cream counts for milk! Eat up! ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

2:34 PM  

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