Friday, November 26, 2004

A post from the coast

Just because I can.

The sea is roaring outside. In the daytime we can see it from the big picture windows. RW is on bedtime duty and she and Mermaid Girl are in the van, where we've been sleeping. I get to stay up with the grownups and hang out in the living room. This vacation house has everything: a gas fire that looks like a real fire, a Jacuzzi bath, a big TV, and... dialup Internet access!

RW's friend C invited us here, partly so Mermaid Girl and her daughter could play together, and between her friend A. and her babysitter and us, there are three laptops in the house.

I forgot that sound that dialup makes, that whrr whrr staticstaticstatic click that says: you're connected, here's the universe! I salivate at the sound of that sound.

There's an indoor pool at the main resort house up the street; the Mermaid's been swimming three times today. And RW, that compulsive information-gatherer, found out about a restaurant in town with $2.50 appetizers at happy hour. RW and I and C and A all went to try it out tonight while the babysitter watched the kids.

Now my brain is dulled by fried oysters and onion rings and clam chowder and vacation sloth; I have no snappy anecdotes.

So, hi out there. Happy happy. See you back in wireless-land.


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