Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How Baby Poop Can Save the World

Scene: The car, tonight, on the way home from Pajama Story time at the library.

Mermaid Girl, in a pensive mood, weighs in on the election:

MG: I wish I could throw diapers at George Bush. Don't you wish that too?

Me, trying to model sweet reason: *deep sigh* I don't think so, bun.

MG: Why not?

Me: I don't know how that would help things. I don't think it would make him change his mind about the things that matter to me. He doesn't seem like a person who changes his mind very easily.

MG: Well, then, I wish I could throw lots of babies in poopy diapers at him.

Me: What would that do?

MG: He would be so busy with the babies that they'd have to get someone else to be President!

Me, determined, apparently, to be a party-pooper [all puns purely coincidental]: The only problem is, then the Vice President-- his helper-- would be in charge. And he's just as bad.

MG: Then we should throw poopy diaper babies at him and his helper, and they'd both be too busy with the babies, and someone else would be in charge of the country!

She might be onto something. What's not to like about the image of a distraught Bush and Cheney surrounded by an odiferous sea of crying babies?

I have to admit, it does my heart good just to think about it.

Thanks to RW, who contributed a few choice adjectives and actually told me to stop folding laundry so I could post this.


Blogger elswhere said...

This is an experimental attempt to save my Haloscan comments by copying them into a Blogger comment. Here goes:

Oh, I love you and MG--I just love the both of you. xoxox
jilbur | Email | Homepage | 11.10.04 - 5:59 pm | #


what a cutie and far more mature than I am. . .(hope you weren't offended by the offensive email. I was cackling about that thing for an hour)
kate | Email | Homepage | 11.10.04 - 9:45 pm | #


That is a lovely picture in certain ways. Feminist retribution, for one. But what about the poor babies?
shannon | Email | Homepage | 11.11.04 - 1:08 am | #


It's true, now that you mention it, I wouldn't wish it on the babies. Mermaid Girl has no such scruples and would probably would say it serves them right for having poopy diapers; she seems to think that is a cardinal sin. Anyway, when you consider the good that would come out of it in the areas of health, education, etc., they probably come out ahead in the [um...] end.

And Kate, I *loved* that offensive e-mail. I also saw it on a link from Queerly Canadian last night and read it aloud to RW, cackling all the while. But it was a fine thing to see it in my very own in-box. It is great.
elswhere | Email | Homepage | 11.11.04 - 1:39 am | #


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