Saturday, November 20, 2004

I Think My Kid's Been Watching Too Many Videos

The Background:

I lit a fire in our woodstove last night. Big treat for all. Also our gas furnace appears to be broken, and even here in the mild Northwest it gets a wee bit nippy in the house these days without some source of heat.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much kindling, and only one log. I kept poking the fire and dropping more newspaper in, in hopes of keeping it alive, but it never worked up to a cozy blaze, and was constantly threatening to go out altogether.

The Dialogue:

Me, noticing it's getting on to bedtime and also trying to keep Mermaid Girl warm for as long as possible:

Why don't you run to your room and get your pajamas so you can put them on in here?

MG, glancing anxiously at the woodstove:

Can you pause the fire until I get back?


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This is delicious!!!

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