Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Lyrics Unveiled!

So many urgent things to write about: Civil liberties are being trampled willy-nilly; there's that pesky election (Michael Moore wrote to me! Me! Well, me and a couple hunndred thousand other people); Halloween is coming, with attendant candy and costume angst; it will be followed immediately by the 50,000 word death-march; I caved in to my bandwagon-jumping tendencies and joined BlogExplosion (hi surfers!); and of course there is the ongoing Haloscan debacle.

But first--a break for song lyrics, so that all may hail the lyrical acumen of WordsRock (a/k/a Suzanne) and DBTE (a/k/a my little brother- hi, kid!). Between the two of them, they managed to identify all the lyrics in the post below.

In order of appearance:

"About the Weather," 10,000 Maniacs Incidentally, one of the jauntiest songs ever written about depression.

"I Often Dream of Trains," Robyn Hitchcock This was the trickiest one. And yes, DBTE, it is indeed masterful, and I did find it independently. Well, it was via a mix tape, but not one of yours. Though you can take the credit for enlarging my musical horizons in many other ways.

"Here Comes the Rain Again," The Eurythmics Soundtrack of my college years. Ah, the '80's!

"Can't Stand the Rain," Tina Turner
. Also on The Commitments soundtrack.

Book recommendations coming soon.

Please use Old Comments to comment! Still! For lo, this Haloscan craziness, it doth persist.


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