Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Oh, my, look at the time! the Mermaid Girl's in the bathtub so will make this quick.

1. Thank you all for the music advice! Now I have lots of non-wrist-slitty artists to check out. Also my brother sent me an MP3 file that was very cheery.

2. I helped set up the book fair at MG's school this afternoon. In my past life as a school librarian, I spent so many years FREAKING THE FRICK OUT right around this time as the book fair took over the library. Now that that chapter of my life is over, I can reveal that I always hated the book fair, and I'm wondering now if a lot of that wasn't because it always happened in NOVEMBER. (Hmm... and March. So, maybe it wasn't seasonal after all.) Anyway it was lovely to just be a parent helper and spread out the tablecloths and arrange the displays and things, and then go HOME.

3. Actually, after the book fair setup I stood outside in the lovely sunshine with the fallen leaves all around me while MG played on the school playground and everyone else chatted. I never do have much to say to the other parents/grandparents, but I didn't mind. It was just so restful and idyllic.

4. I had this strange feeling about it, though, and kept wondering why it felt like it had been so long since I'd picked MG up at school. Then I remembered: It has been a long time! It's been over a month! Because while my mom was here, she did pickup almost every day, while I worked or napped or blogged or freaked out over my to-do lists or whatever else I did. Thanks, Mom!

5. MG got 23 out of 23 on her geography test. So I guess all that singing was not in vain.

OK now off to scrape my prune of a girl out of the tub.


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