Saturday, July 14, 2007

Three Bedrooms, etc.: The Seemingly Endless Saga. Act IV: Hope Springs

So far, our protagonists have endured disappointment, celebrated triumph, and, most recently, succumbed to despair in their quixotic quest for a three-bedroom apartment in the Vancouver area. Let's see where fate takes them next, shall we?

IV: i

As the curtain rises, elswhere and Renaissance Woman are curled up in fetal positions on the floor of their comfortable and familiar Seattle house, where they have perhaps foolishly returned for a visit before taking up residence in the--once-rejoiced-upon, but now maligned as too small, too remote, too expensive, and too bathtub-less--2-and-den near the Skytrain, for which they have already paid a deposit. They are alternately hyperventilating, weeping uncontrollably, and mumbling vaguely about staying in Seattle after all.

RW, sniffling, wiping her eyes, and hoisting herself painfully into a sitting position: Well, we have to go back for this month, anyway. We have all those houses to sit.

elswhere: Plus, we don't have to decide right now. We have a week before we sign the lease at that place. We can take a few days and think about it.

RW: Sure. We could go on looking for a better place, even!

elswhere: We did pay the deposit already. We'll never get it back.

RW: Yeah, but that was a half-month's rent for a lease starting July 15, which we didn't need anyway. If we find a place for August 1, it'll be a wash.

elswhere, whose calculation functions have temporarily shut down due to lack of oxygen because she keeps forgetting to breathe: What? How? Oh...I see. Right. I get it. Wow! You're brilliant!

RW: So we can just go on looking. If we don't find anything better, or cheaper, or both, we can go with the Skytrain place.

elswhere: Or come back here.

RW: Or come back here.

elswhere: But you and Mermaid Girl are staying in Seattle most of this week! I'll have to look all by myseeeeelllllllf! What if I find a place and then you hate it?

RW: I trust you. Keep me posted.

elswhere: Okay. Yikes. Okay.

To Be Continued, even though I fully intended to finish it up tonight, but it's 1 AM and we spent the evening at the folk music festival and have to get up early tomorrow to make the first concerts there again (oh, the humanity!). So. More of Act IV anon. Tomorrow night after I finish watering the plants, maybe.


Blogger nyjlm said...

sending you strength and good mojo as you figure this out.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Patty said...

This would be a bad time to take three weeks between posts. Just saying.
I think I need an update on job prospects. I'm trying to play along at home, and I'm having trouble deciding between moving or staying without all the information.

8:38 AM  
Blogger susan said...

I am totally jealous of the folk festival. I hope you all are hanging in there with all the uncertainty!

7:14 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

We've been to the festival several times and love it. Can't wait till the girls are a little older and we can all go!

8:59 PM  

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