Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh, the Humanity. And a brilliant video.

In lieu of a Wednesday Whine, I hereby present to you the following complaints:

1. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and was unable to get back to sleep.

2. I'm hungry and there is no food around here that I can just pick up and eat; it all requires some preparation.

3. I feel all itchy and need to take a shower, but all my shower stuff is downstairs and MG is asleep upstairs and I'm afraid that if I go that far away from her for that long SHE'll wake up and be freaked out and then we will both be sleep-deprived and crabby all day.

4. I can't afford to be off my game today because I have
a. A job application to complete, and
b. Relatives in town.

5. RW is out of town these past few days, working, and then will be out of town again starting the 31st, which means I have to do several transitional things (meeting family friends to learn about their car, which we will be caretaking; sitting in the new empty apartment all day to wait for the phone/Internet guy; oh, and SIGNING THE LEASE) on my own, with edgy 6-year-old in tow.

6. I had to opted to bail on a fun playdate of my own yesterday in order to facilitate one for my kid. I reasoned that I already want to move, so I can wait to see my Vancouver friends, but if MG has friends here who she actually gets to see sometimes she may stop whining about wanting to go HOME.

7. Our main house-sit-ee is coming home in a few days, and we have to clean. A lot.
7a antiwhine corrolary: RW will be here for that part.
7B: And the relatives in town will be taking MG away for a day so we can focus on getting the house back into reasonable order.

8. The library staff and garbage collectors are both ON STRIKE. As are all the staff at community centers and pools. I've read up on it and think what they're asking for is highly reasonable, and the city is being a dolt. But still. Couldn't they have waited until next month, when I'll be in Seattle, packing, rather than here, caring for two different houses and with all my books across an international border? Because, you know, all collective bargaining agencies should consult with me before taking any action.

9. Shy Kitty seems to be traumatized by his relocation and has been throwing up. On sheets that are not ours.

10. Now I'm even hungrier than I was when I started this list. And itchier. And no closer to completing that job application. Where to start? Oh, where??

10a. At least I know I'm not alone with that particular problem. [Thanks to my friend Jody for the link.]


Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

Were I still in the business of prize-writing, you would totally win.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Udge said...

Great comics! Thanks for the link.

I wish you a trauma- strike- and kittypuke-free weekend!

12:07 PM  

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