Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Bada Bing, it Ain't

Had to take a break from reviews because this cannot be passed up:

Scene: the Booland house
Time: After Bedtime

Mermaid Girl, in her room: WAAAAAAAHHHHH! WAAAAAHHHH!

Me, frantically typing reviews: What's up with her?

Renaissance Woman, shoveling food into her mouth after a long evening: She's mad I won't stay in her room with her. Would you mind going in?

Me: And do what?

RW: I don't know. Get her to stop crying?

Me: Huh. Well, uh, sure.

Scene: MG's room

Me: What's up, kiddo?

MG, flinging arms around my neck like a drowning person: WAAAAAHHHH! Mama didn't say goodnight to me! WAAAAHHH!

Me: I'm sure she meant to. You're fine. I love you. Blah blah blah blah blah I have to go write my reviews now, remember?

MG [piteously]: Please can I have something of yours to keep? Like your dress? [She requests this often. She has a whole stash of our shirts at the bottom of her bed.]

Me, pulling dress over head in the least sexy strip scene ever: Sure, here ya go. Now go to sleep.

MG [instantly chipper and delighted]: Mommy!! I forgot you have tie-dyed underpants!


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