Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What are they wearing in NY these days?

We leave on the redeye tomorrow night! So tonight is Packing Night. And me on 5 hours of sleep because I was so wired from my exciting outing last night.

My stuff is easy: all my black clothes go in a black bag. Add a dress for the seders, a few books, the cell phone, my schedule and painstaking list of everyone's phone numbers, and I'm done.

But for MG! what to take? Turns out none of her dresses go with her tights or her sweaters. We don't care, mostly, but she does seem to be aware that she's headed for the fashion capital of the continent. She has no short-sleeved shirts that are acceptable, apparently; the ones I showed her out of her drawer made her cry. I think the pressure's getting to her. It looks like it won't be short-sleeve weather, anyway, so just as well.

And the little black cocktail dress handed down from God knows where? A problem, because we have no black tights! It seems a shame, because where on earth is a 4-year-old going to wear a black cocktail dress, if not New York City during Passover week?

I hope the mismatched look is in among the preschool set this year. Because that's what she'll be wearing. With black Mary Janes, the only shoes she has that aren't falling apart.


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