Saturday, April 09, 2005

Turn around, turn around*

*Blinking in the unaccustomed light of the Create Post screen*

The events recorded herein actually took place three or four days ago, but Blogger was being a pill. The Girl is even more grown up now than she was at the time of writing. Wait-- I see her in the driveway. She's starting up the car! There she goes...

Yesterday at dinner Mermaid Girl coolly picked up the gigantic pitcher of orange juice, poured some into her cup, and set it carefully back down on the table, while we gaped.

Me: I've never seen you do that before!
MG: Yes, I'm like a grownup now.

At bedtime she stalled for fifteen minutes or so, then just when I was about to tear my hair out she traipsed into the bathroom, opened the toothpaste, squeezed some onto her toothbrush, and brushed her teeth by herself, all the while with this insoucsciant "oh, I do this all the time" look.

THEN she got out a washcloth, wet it at the faucet, washed her face, and arranged it over the edge of a shelf to dry.

I guess RW and I can just sit back and drink coffee for the next six or seven years, right?

*post titled with a nod to Malvina Reynolds. *Sniff* Waaah!


Blogger The Lioness said...

And I bet your heart grew and broke a bit.

2:38 PM  

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