Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Miracle! No, two miracles!

Well, really the first one was the Suburban Lesbian, who tipped me off to "System Restore." I did it and lo and behold, proliferating popups are gone! Ads are gone! Homepage is restored to what it should be! Whew, it was like hacking through overgrowth around here. It was like a nightmare.

I know, I said I was swearing off the computer until Monday. But I had to look up a phone number from an e-mail. And also I was eerily drawn to it; it was like the virus had wound its creepy tentacles into my brain as well as my hard drive. I had to see if those popups were still real or if I'd dreamed it all.

Thanks all for your good wishes. Especially Suzanne, before whom I bow down in gratitude for her computer expertise. (And all you Mac fans, boy do I hear you, in fact our official home computer--the one that blue-screened and is now in the repair shop--is one. But this is my work computer so I have no say in its make. And we're in M1kerosoft territory, you know; we don't cotton to no Macs around these parts.)

But I have learned my lesson. I'm turning OFF the computer now. And taking a nap!

Oh but I have to say before I sign off that the long-awaited Nat is here!! Yippeeee! Go congratulate the happy moms!


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