Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Technical Difficulties

The good news: I presented at a conference last Friday! With a P0werpoint and everything. And it went well.

The bad news: Friday evening, I discovered that I'd left my computer's power cord at the conference. And the conference was at a school that's on break all this week. And my laptop only has about 40 minutes of battery life.

The good news: RW said I could use her laptop until I get the power cord back!

The bad news: RW's laptop was almost immediately felled by the Blue Screen of Death. She's on the phone right now with her cousin, trying to nurse it back to health.

The good news: I brought my work laptop home!

The bad news: Just remembered that my work laptop is missing its wireless card. I've been bugging the tech guys about it since December, but forgot since I usually use the plug-in connection at work.

The good news: I figured out how to plug my home computer's wireless card into my work computer! Take that, tech guys!

The big question: Will I remember to pack this computer up and bring it back to work tomorrow? Or will I make a total fool of myself by forgetting it? Any takers?

Also lost (but found) in the last few days:

The Vanagon's CD panel (the removable front part of the car CD player/stereo). I was over helping Little Latke's parents clean their basement for a few hours this weekend, and took the panel out because I wasn't sure it was safe in their neighborhood and we've had car stereos stolen multiple times. When I got back home, the CD player was nowhere to be found. I searched my pockets, the car, called their house and asked them to look, all to no avail. Then the Renaissance Woman checked my coat pockets one more time and found it. I could've sworn it wasn't there. Weird.

Mermaid Girl's new ballet slipper. Her friend Ginger was over and the two of them were having a great time dressing up and trashing her room. At one point she raided her ballet-class bag so they could both be ballerinas. That night the three of us cleaned up the mess, a huge project. I found one ballet slipper, but not the other. "It'll show up when everything's put away," RW assured us. So we put away the Barb1es, the dress-up clothes, the puzzles, the jewelry, the felt-board pieces, the infinite small plastic items. No ballet slipper. We had given up and were lecturing MG on how she can't take things out of her ballet bag any more and she would have to split the cost of new ballet slippers with us, blah blah blah, when she spied one last felt-board piece in her garbage and pulled it out. And, ta-dah! The ballet slipper was hidden underneath it. In the garbage.

My parking-garage ticket from this afternoon. Actually that's still missing. I remember pulling it out of the machine when I got to the garage, because the clock read exactly one minute before my doctor's appointment. Then? The ticket disappeared. Not in my bag, not in my wallet, not in the car. But! Turns out I didn't have to pay, because the parking-garage people were all gone by the time I left. But I feel this is a Bad Sign, and I can't run on dumb luck forever.

Things fall apart. The center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon my life.

More next time I bring the computer home. Or when that power cord shows up. Or I buy a new cord. Please stand by.


Blogger Udge said...

The big question is actually whether you will remember to take YOUR wifi card out of THEIR computer before you give it back.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Roiling chaos! Things flying around! The only thing to do is to roll with it and see what you have left when it's over. DRIVE TO PRESCHOOL BEFORE THE ACID KICKS IN. You know, that kind of thing.

9:43 AM  

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