Monday, November 29, 2004

Head Explosion Update

Many thanks to everyone who's sent concerns and advice about my mysterious exploding-head syndrome. Here's what happened today:

1. Head begins to explode right in the middle of a middle-school class. The teacher is with the class, and is one of those who's been following the saga in the staff room, so when I tell her what's up, she's all, "Go. Now." "Right, I'm going, I'll just pull this book for--" "Go." "Right. Going."

2. Grab coat and bag, swallow two benadryl on the way out, sign out with front desk person who also knows about this. Gabble something about next class due in half an hour; she says she'll call the teacher and cancel for me, and shoos me out the door.

3. Head for the hospital with lab prescription from the new allergist clutched in my sweaty hand.

4. Negotiate drive to hospital as exploding-head symptoms vie with benadryl side-effects for the "Most likely to cause elswhere to get pulled over while driving" award.

5. Find hospital, cleverly sidestepping freeway-bound traffic snarl.

6. Find parking, which appears to be free if you're there for less than an hour. Whee-hee! Despite battle raging in my addled body, am still able to find joy in these little things.

7. Find blood lab after only one wrong turn up and down hospital corridors.

8. Fill out paperwork. Have difficulty remembering address and phone number, what with all the exploding and antihistamining going on.

9. However, I have no trouble remembering that I have to ask the lab tech to let me lie down while she draws my blood. (You only have to faint once while getting your blood drawn to not ever want to have it happen again.)

10. Close eyes determinedly while blood is drawn for what seems like about half an hour.

11. Emerge from room to see lab tech neatly labeling four or five large vials filled with my blood. Am amazed that I have any left in veins. Have to sit down.

12. Obtain urine sample. Wonder if this is easier for guys.

13. Ask lab tech when I'll hear about results. She says probably a week to ten days. Doesn't that seem like a long time? I think it seems like a long time.

14. Call work to find out exactly how urgent today's staff meeting is. Am told by boss to "go home and go to bed."

15. I have always been a good rule-follower. When I wake up, it's dark and time to pick up Mermaid Girl from preschool.

I'll keep you all posted when I hear more...


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