Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Another baby woman

I'm an aunt!!!

My brother in Florida called this morning to tell me my sister-in-law had her baby. They've mystified our relatives by refusing to find out the gender ahead of time, but it kind of slipped my mind to ask; I was all about the birth story and whether everyone's okay, since the baby is 2-3 weeks early [they never did get a straight answer about the due date]. My brother assured me that everyone's fine, in fact labor went really fast and my sister-in-law was fully dilated by the time they got to the hospital, and now they have a little--

"So she didn't have to have drugs or anything?" I broke in. "Oh! A little what?"

"Baby!" said my brother all deadpan. "A really little baby. Yep, a baby!"

"A baby what? A baby what? A baby what?"

They have a girl, a little 5-pound 1 ounce girl. Sarah has a baby girl cousin, her only first cousin. She has a second cousin on RW's side and some fourth [really!] cousins on my side she's close to, but this is her only just regular cousin, no qualifications, no removes. She's been excited about this for months. She's gonna be totally thrilled to hear. I think I'll wake her up and tell her in a couple minutes.

We can send them all those teeny tiny dresses in the basement! We were gonna have to send only the androgynous clothes if they had a boy.

A niece! I have a niece! [Or is is neice?] Now I have to learn how to spell that damn word.


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