Thursday, July 15, 2004

Remember the Pancakes

If I remember nothing else from tonight's concert, I want to keep that mental snapshot of Sarah and Josie and Cecelia, dressed in bright pink and yellow and blue, dancing around on the lawn to Nanci Griffith singing "It's a Hard Life" and "If I Had a Hammer." They took big gracious bows as each song ended, and they were just so joyous and gorgeous and hammy that us besotted parents applauded and applauded.

Sarah caught sight of her friend Kaia from preschool [Kaia's in the Dragonflies, the oldest group--what glamour!] and they spent some time running around and rolling down the hill together. We saw our next-door neighbor and her little baby. I kept feeling like I was seeing other people I knew too, in that general way that happens when you've spent a long time in one place. There were lots of groovy-looking parents there, about our age, towing around their brightly-clad preschoolers. Probably a lot of the same people who were at the Nanci Griffith Bumbershoot concert I went to about 12 years ago. Now we're older and have kids, that's all.

And then RW pointed to a woman a few rows ahead of us and said "isn't that Cricket?" And it was! My old housemate! I brought Sarah over to meet her-- and, it turns out, her sweetie Lorin and their 16-month-old cutie, Maddie. We started to exchange e-mail info and then I blurted out "I have a blog!" and Cricket said "I have one too!" We got very excited about it. 6 degrees of blogosphere!

When I got home I actually read Cricket's blog and was happy to see that it includes a write-up of this story. When she told it in our old kitchen so many years ago I laughed so hard I couldn't speak. Enjoy.


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