Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Someday her prince will come

Miss S. is our little femme girl. Tonight I was putting her to bed and I'd read her a story and sung her a song* and she was all tucked in and cozy with the nightlight on, and this conversation [or an approximation thereof-- it was a couple of hours ago] ensued:

"I really am going to be a princess."
"Okay," I said, with this vague image of Princess Grace of Monaco popping into my head as I wondered if she'd send a private plane for Renaissance Woman & me to come visit her on her island.
"I am. No kidding. [she might not have said that right then but she's been saying it a lot so I'm taking poetic license and putting it in here.] I will find a prince who is looking for a wife, and I will put a big hat on my head [a veil, I think she means] and we will get married."
"Um, okay," I said, thinking, Disney really has a lot to answer for-- why did we ever let her get Cinderella out of the library? We've got to stop letting her play in the Fred Meyers playroom with all those noxious videos...
"Or I might just marry a, a regular dad," she continued. "Not a prince, just a regular...boy."
"Okay. You could do that." But since I am a card-carrying lesbian parent I had to ask, "Are you sure you want to marry a boy?"
"Yes, a boy." she sounded really definite.
"Not a girl?" I couldn't resist.
"No. Because I want to have a baby."
This is like the time she and her best friend Josie were playing wedding and Sarah insisted that they each had to marry boys. This from the girl who had been a flower girl at her own moms' wedding just a few months earlier! Go figure.

*The song was "For Free" by Joni Mitchell. I am so proud of Sarah that she likes her Joni. "Morning Morgantown" was the first song I ever sang to her, when she was just one hour old. When she was little--two or so-- she liked "My Old Man." Her version went "He's a walker in the drain, he's a dancer in the dark..." Yesterday when I was driving her down in the car on the way home from the park, she asked for "some quiet music-- like Joni Mitchell." What a girl!


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