Wednesday, July 14, 2004

how not to do errands

You know, it's probably just as well that I am the parent who goes to work most of the time. I am no good at this errands-and-chores-on-my-own business. Especially when one of the errands is going to the library.

The low point today was when I left my bag-- the one with the library books and cell phone in it-- in the Fred Meyers parking lot. And I didn't even buy anything! Just drove down from Ballard to get to Fred Meyers-- no picnic, let me tell you, with the main artery clogged by road work all summer-- parked in the lot, took out the bag, put it in a shopping cart in the lot, looked at my grocery list, realized I didn't need anything at Fred Meyers, got back in the car, drove halfway across town to Trader Joe's, turned to check the time on the cell phone [since I don't have a watch], discovered that neither the cell phone nor the bag was anywhere in the car. Did a squealing u-turn almost directly in front of Sarah's day care center, which I was passing at that moment, drove back to Fred Meyers cursing all the while, discovered the bag no longer in the parking lot, cursed some more. Finally entered Fred Meyers, waited in line at the Service desk, asked for my bag, and thank God, got it back. Drove back to Trader Joe's in a mood both foul and grateful.

Bought food for our next camping trip. [About which Sarah reportedly said, when RW reminded her of it this morning, "Oh, my God! Not another camping trip!"] Drove home, trying not to get sucked in by my new library book. Did laundry. Put camping dishes in dishwasher. Left voicemail message for potential catsitter. Looked around the wreckage heap that our home is becoming [and how, I have to wonder, has it gotten that way, considering that we've hardly even been here for the past week?]. Threw up hands in despair. Turned on computer.

RW, if you are reading this, just know: I am turning off the computer right now. Now. Really. I mean it. And picking up Sarah so we can meet you at the zoo concert.

Really turning it off now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

so great to see you & Lise & Sarah & to learn about your blog... I'll be a regular!! xo, c.

10:46 PM  

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