Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Links! Links! Links!

This is actually Take 2 of this post... Blogger claims to have posted Take 1, but there's this weird message about the browser not being able to find it... could this be some of the Blogger drama of which I've read?

All day I've been supposed to be getting ready for our camping trip, and all day I've been in an unproductive fog. I think it's driving RW crazy but she's being polite about it. I did: go to Trader Joe's for supplies, do some laundry, wash some dishes, go to a store on a Secret Errand for RW's birthday, pick Sarah up from day care, and hit the library to pick up our holds on the way home. But I haven't packed Sarah's stuff yet or really dealt with the food, which is my main job. And I spent what seemed like long stretches of time lying around rereading Watership Down. I could tell I was really frantic and procrastinating when I found myself Googling random people I knew in high school and at summer camp. I wasn't being productive but wasn't having any fun either, at which point you have to wonder what the evolutionary purpose of procrastination is.

In any case, one way or another we'll be leaving tomorrow morning and will be camping on the beach in Canada for four days, so at least I won't be obsessively blogging or checking my e-mail during that time. If anyone is actually reading this [is anyone reading this?? Feel free to comment. Honest.], don't expect another gripping, enthralling installment until Monday at the earliest.


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