Sunday, May 03, 2009

More Village: First Communion Edition

This afternoon the Mermaid Girl went out to the back yard to lean over the fence and heckle the little boys next door, as is her wont. (They have a thing going: she heckles them, they adore her, especially the older one. When I go outside without her, he's always asking me: "Where's MG? Is she coming home soon? Will she be home tomorrow? She can come over, if she wants..." it is somewhat inexplicable as she is quite bossy to them, but maybe they like that.)

Anyway, I went out to look for her so we could go out to dinner, and saw both boys outside in their yard, both looking quite spiffy in button-down shirts and ties. I complimented them on their outfits, and the older one said, "Thanks. It was my first communion today. The guests are coming over soon. This is a golf set. Want to see? Playing golf is really fun!" I congratulated him and he did a line drive onto his dad's shoes.

I rounded MG up and we left, with Chasmyn and her lovely family. "Where are you all going?" Older Next Door Kid called after us.

"To the Main Street!" I answered.

"Why?" he persisted.

"For food," I said.

"We have food!" he cajoled, but I said his guests would probably want the food, and off we went, first dropping MG off at the library to meet the Renaissance Woman, and then on to the restaurant.

After dinner, we walked back up the Main Street, and there in front of the fancy Italian restaurant up the hill was Ofelia, one of MG's school friends. I almost didn't recognize her; she looked like a flower girl, or even a bridesmaid, in a gorgeous, classy white dress and her hair all done up in ringlets. She was surrounded by friends and relatives.

The penny dropped. "Hi, Ofelia," I said. "You look so nice! Was it your first communion today?" She nodded happily, and I congratulated her, and we headed the few blocks back to my house to divide up the leftover Ethiopian food.


Anonymous Arwen said...

Oh, having those connections and familiarities are such a great way to raise kids.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Flower Girl Dresses said...

Sounds like good memories...

5:13 PM  

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