Thursday, December 11, 2008


We have Olympics figure skating tickets!!

(Well, not the actual tickets yet, they'll be mailed later.)

We put in for men's, women's, and pairs figure skating, figuring we might get one of them if we were lucky. And we got men's short program.

Considering the overwhelming demand for tickets, it feels like we won the lottery. I guess we did, though we're paying them rather than the other way around. (The VanOc email was somewhat confusing, so I confirmed that we did actually get tickets by checking our Visa account, and, yep, there's a big new charge there, so I guess we really bought them.)


Blogger liz said...


1:50 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Cool! I'll be scanning the crowd looking for you guys when I see it on TV!

6:50 PM  
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