Monday, December 15, 2008


Cards: Almost all done, except for a couple people whose addresses I have to get (and if you want one, and didn't get one last year, let me know-- we have lots!) Still need to be mailed, mostly in one big batch South of the border later this week.

Shopping: Done, mostly online. Except for RW. She is the toughest.

Packages: A couple of small ones still to go out. Need cardboard for mailing photos.

MG's photos: Wallet-sizes cut up, bigger photos allocated. Not all sent yet (see "Packages", above).

Menorahs and Hanukkah candles: unearthed.

Party this weekend, preparation for: Oh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, right.

However, the art is all hanged! Hung? Hanged? Well, it's up, anyway.


Blogger Tall Kate said...

I'm so impressed. I'm not nearly this on top of things!!

8:34 AM  

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