Monday, August 20, 2007

This one's for Crunchy Granola

Around the house I often refer to blog friends as "my invisible friends in the computer," and every once in a while an invisible friendship does seem to throw out invisible and inexplicable connections, as if our brains are typing away directly to each other without benefit of keyboard. Viz. to wit: A few days ago, Susan of Crunchy Granola very kindly offered me some moving help from the dream world.

Now, this dream was astonishing on a number of counts:

1) MG has been nudging us to have a garage sale, but we're just not going to have time to before we move. (That part is probably not so surprising.)

2) I would be more than happy to have Curious Girl take a bunch of MG's stuff off our hands, if MG would ever permit it. (Also not a big stretch, particularly for anyone who's been following our saga.)

3) The Renaissance Woman does, in fact, have a big stack of sheet music that she has yet to go through. (Somewhat less common, but perhaps not hard to guess.)

But the kicker is,

4) RW has actually written a song about studying the arts! It's performing arts, not liberal arts. And it's less about how wonderful their study is than about how unrenumerative it is. But, still, when I read that part of Susan's dream I felt somewhat...spooked. In a good way.

In any case, here's the song. It's a round. We might even find the sheet music for it in the next week, in which case we could possibly scan and send it to interested parties, if you like:

Four Years of College for This
c. 1990 by [Renaissance Woman's Real Name]

Four years of college for this, tra la
To sing this silly round, tra la
Our music teachers frowned, tra la
These rounds are not profound, tra la

And yet they do abound, tra la
We quickly write them down, tra la
Four years of college for this, tra la
Our clocks, they have not wound, tra la

So jobs we have not found, tra la
We make a frivolous sound, tra la
Our wit it will astound, tra la
Four years of college for this, Tra la.

[Podcast to come, if I can ever figure out how to do one. Because nothing makes Moving Week more exciting like a chance to learn and implement new technological skills!]


Blogger susan said...

Politica just broke into song while reading over my shoulder! Perhaps you can have a contest to see which of your readers composes a melody most closely matching the original.....Glad the spookiness was the good kind! I can't believe RW wrote a song about the arts!

And happy packing, still.

3:08 PM  

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