Monday, June 19, 2006

One thing after another

Hey, wow, hi! It's Crazy Week over here. The runaway train is heading down the big hill from spring to summer and we're just holding on the best we can.

Mermaid Girl's last day of school is Wednesday, and the last day for kids at my school is Thursday, and my official last day is Friday, and going-in-at-the-last-minute-to-throw-things- in-boxes-and-tear-my-hair-out day is next Monday. So I'm all late days at work corralling volunteers and writing report cards and weeding books and nagging people about overdues and screeching at kids about summer reading programs, and she's all last! this and last! that and huge paper bags full of artwork and mysterious scraps of paper.

Then next Tuesday MG and I get on a plane for Los Angeles, where we will spend a week seeing gobs and gobs of family and maybe I'll get to play some Skeeball at the Santa Monica Pier, my favorite thing just about in the world, and oh yeah while I'm there I'll turn 40!

Then we get back, say hi to Renaissance Woman's mom who will be here visiting, celebrate RW's and my 11th(!) anniversary of being An Item (It was a lovely summer, 1995: she was on the rebound, I was unemployed, my brother got married, romance was in the air...), then a few days later celebrate RW's birthday, and then (this is mid-July by now, in case you've lost track) RW quits her job and doesn't start her new job till August! Woohoo!

There's more after that, it's just a nonstop party by us from now till Labor Day, but honestly I'm so exhausted just from typing all this up that I must stop now.

So if you've gotten used to long, sentimental, elegaic posts chez Booland, you might want to check back in maybe a few weeks at the earliest; it's all exclamation points all the time around here for a while. I'll be lucky if I can pull it together to post with complete sentences.

However, I am working up to a retrospective report on the Inaugural Activity of Crazy Week, which occurred last weekend. (Any guesses? I'll give you a googleable hint: Naked Bicyclists.)


Blogger susan said...

Well, let me be the first of your commenters to welcome the folks who've found this blog via that nifty google search you've set up.

And let me be an early happy birthday wisher, too: happy!!!!!! 40!!!!!!! I'm all about the exclamation points this week, too.

Safe and happy travels.

7:27 PM  

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