Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More shameless plugging of my favorite contest

Once again, it's Blogging for Books time. The theme this month is "cheating" and you have until next Monday morning (not midnight, this time) to enter.

Please enter! I have a vested interest in seeing Blogging for Books stay alive, because one day, when I'm feeling brave enough, I think I'll email Joshilyn and ask if I can be the special judge who picks the final seven entries. (Because, you know, I won once! Did I ever mention that? I think maybe I did. Never mind that it was an extremely quiet month for entries, that month when I won. I'll take my ego trips where I can get 'em, these days.) (My other point being: you might win too! And even if not, think of all the people who might read your blog. You could make a new friend!)

Actually, what am I thinking? I'm incredibly indecisive and being the special guest judge would probably drive me right over the edge. But I keep hoping that maybe one day I'll become a better, stronger person who makes decisions with lightning-like clarity, and when that day comes, I'd like B4B to be around so that I can exercise my decision-making powers on the dozens of fantastic posts that will no doubt be generated that month.

And this month! (Not that I'm judging this month. God forbid. It's all I can do to get lunch made. But what I meant is, there will be I hope dozens of fantastic posts entered this month too. Yours among them, if you get hopping!)


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