Monday, April 24, 2006

Elswhere's California Adventure: Day 2

(Okay: I know not everyone is desperate to see my gazillion vacation photos, but getting them formatted in a reasonable way is taking up every inch of learning-curve-steepness I can handle. So, refinements like cut-tags and Flikr accounts will have to wait until there's some more space in my brain. In the meantime, enjoy and/or feel free to skip the following!)

That lump is a cat, being very clever and sneaky and hiding under the blanket in Badger's study where I was camping out.

Bad Moms' Coffee! At long last! The conversation and the scones were both excellent.

Badger wanted to take a picture of this odd and apropos ground-sign thing on the way to the library, but didn't have her camera.

Grace took us to The City! After a bookshop excursion, we went to a groovy coffee place where everyone had their laptop out. You could feel the Web 2.0 vibes; it was the heart of the heart of Internet Innovation-Land! I emailed RW to say hi.

More California atmposphere: an outdoor bar, for a birthday party. They just don't have flowering trees in bars in Seattle.

In our next episode: Santa Cruz, and A Fish Taco At Last. Coming soon; maybe with a cut-tag, maybe not.


Blogger wen said...

Oh Santa Cruz! That's where I live. I'll be interested to see what you think of it, and if you managed to eat your way through all the vegetarian restaurants in town. :) Too bad I didn't know you'd be here, as I could have e-mailed you the "local's scoop" on where to go and what to eat (like Marianne's Ice Cream...yum!)

It is the lebsbo hippie homeland & isn't for everyone, but I love it here.

10:26 AM  

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