Monday, February 13, 2006

Another Hallmark Valentine's Day Moment

Me: I came home early and picked you up early because I'm not feeling so well. My tummy hurts. I'm going to lie down for a while; you work on your valentines.

MG: But I need you! I love you! I can't do my valentines without you!

Me: How about I lie on the couch while you work on them at the coffee table?

MG: Okay!


MG: I love you so much, my sweet mommy!

Me: Oh, thank you, sweetie. I love you, too.

MG *bouncing up and down and inadvertently jostling me in the stomach*: Oh, my mommy! You are so precious and so... fragile!

Me: Oof. yes, I am feeling a bit fragile.

MG: I want you to get better! I'll just go get something for you!

Me: Oh, hon, you're being so sweet. But the best way you can help me is to work on your valentines while I rest here so I don't have to nag you about them.

MG: You just lie there and rest! You don't have to do anything!

*Silence while I doze off*

Me *starting awake and noticing that the body leaning against me doesn't seem to be making any writing motions* : MG? Your valentines?

MG: I'm THINKING about it! I'm looking at the paper [with all her classmates' names on it]!

Me *with eyes still closed*: Just pick one...are you writing?

MG: I am! I'm writing! E...M...M... *trails off into nothingness as writing activity stops and body becomes suspiciously still again*

Me: MG?

MG: Okay! Okay! I'm done! How many more do I have?

Me *squinting at piece of paper*: Eight. Wait, no, nine. Here, I'll check Emma off for you. Who do you want to do next?

MG: Madison! No, Olivia!

Me: Okay, here, here's her name, go ahead.

*Silence while I doze off*

Me: MG? Are you writing?

MG: Oh, Mommy, my poor Mommy! I'll make dinner! You can just lie here and rest!


Repeat ad nauseum. Literally.


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