Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Somethings of Midsummer

*Hello hello! Happy Bastille Day! I mean, happy, I guess happy, I always think of Bastille Day as more violent than happy, what with the extreme bloodiness of the French Revolution and all, though I guess the 5 or 6 guys who tottered out of the Bastille (did anyone else ever hear that? That there were actually only a few prisoners in there by 1789?) were pretty happy.

*Okay. Happy Tuesday, anyway.

*Tuesday is my short day at work: only 4 hours. Since Monday is 5 hours and also crazy busy lately, I always feel like a Lady of Leisure on Tuesdays.

*Especially since MG has started walking home from camp on her own.

*Camp--at least this week-- is at her school, with her last year's teacher, and runs from 9 AM to 3 PM. So basically, from a parent's perspective, it's JUST LIKE school.

*Except, no homework! Woo-hoo!

*And also, according to MG, it is actually TOTALLY DIFFERENT from school, because basically all they do is art and P.E.

*On the Growing Up front, MG is now taking showers instead of baths.

*Yesterday she finished her shower, turned off the water, and asked me to hand her a towel. I reached out and touched her hair, which made the fuzzy, bubbly sound of a head with a fair bit of shampoo on it.

*I guess taking showers is a skill not acquired all at once.

*Yesterday, when I was feeling crappy, MG made me a plate of cinnamon-sugar toast, and even cut it in half for me. I was very touched.

*Then she said, as she says after every action evidencing a modicum of self-sufficiency, "Is this getting me closer to earrings?"

* I was a little less touched after that.

*More news: MG now has a trampoline!

*It was an early birthday present, a joint effort between some grandparents (who provided the cash), RW and I (providing the legwork), and our neighbor, who came over and helped us put the thing together last week.

*I have been nonplussed at how many people, on reading/hearing this news, react by warning me or RW about the dangers of backyard trampolines

*So I have become kind of defensive about explaining that we know the dangers, there is a net enclosure, MG has learned trampoline safety for years in circus class, we have a number of rules in place, etc. etc.

*The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is this weekend!

*This will be the third year in a row that we're going as Vancouver-area residents, not tourists up from the States.

*It's wild to think how different our lives are than they were about two years ago at this time.

*Kind of puts my recent job complaints in perspective, doesn't it?


Blogger susan said...

Wow, two years already? Time flies!

Curious Girl has had two weeks of camps held at her school so far--this week it's Jump Rope camp, which looks like a hoot--and it is completely reassuring for all of us to be in the same routine. I hate the shifting rhythms of the week here, week there camp routine. Ah, for a JCC here.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

OMG! LG has JUST (within the past week) decided that he is old enough to shower. Which is Teh Awesome, because just last week he would never, never, never even THINK about taking a shower, because he might get WATER in his EYES. (Whereupon he would melt, presumably, like the Wicked Witch of the West.) It is SO fabulous. Or potentially fabulous, anyway. He, ah, had to have the soap pointed out to him yesterday. Not acquired all at once, yes...

6:33 AM  
Blogger liz said...

The showering is glorious. I love the showering.

8:39 AM  
Blogger elswhere said...

It is! It is really glorious! And phantom, MG had the same thing: Water! in the eyes!! Ohnoes!!! But somehow it is suddenly no longer an issue. Though she definitely still needs help adjusting the water temperature.

10:10 AM  
Blogger jo(e) said...

My 14-year-old (who has very long hair) will STILL come out of the shower with shampoo suds in his hair. When I point this out to him, he shrugs and says, "What does it matter?"


2:42 PM  

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