Monday, December 17, 2007

Bah Point Roberts

There are at least two posts I've been turning around in my mind but for now I just have a big BAH PHOOEY of a whine. I have had a rotten and frustrating morning spent running down to Point Roberts so I could mail all our U.S. holiday cards, as I hear things take weeks if they go through Canada Post. Plus, we figured out it would be much cheaper, even factoring in the cost of gas to get there. But I hadn't planned on:

1) Unclear Google Maps directions such that I got lost, ending up in freaking NEW WEST and losing precious time
2) An hour-plus wait at the post office, such that I couldn't wait as I had to get back to town for a meeting, and
3) There was a stamp machine, but it only took coins. No credit cards, not even U.S. paper currency which I happened to actually have in my wallet.
4) everyone said to go to the supermarket, they have stamps, but they were out of stamps.
5) I'd noticed a private mailing-service place on the way down to the post office, but they had crazy waits too, people lined up out the door, so I had to bail on that too.
6) I had to drive to downtown and pay for parking so I wouldn't be late, instead of taking the skytrain as I'd planned.

A pretty much wasted day. Except for the cheap gas and dairy products I picked up while down there. And, well, I guess it was a cute charming little town, or would have been if I hadn't been hyperventilating the whole time I was there.

And now I know how to get to Point Roberts, so in future I will only be going to New West ON PURPOSE.

Am going to try Blaine tomorrow and go in late to work. I don't know why I'm so desperate to get our cards out, but I am.


Anonymous Arwen said...

Ack! I hate holiday lineup stress.

Canada Post used to truly suck, while I was growing up. That is the case. I have noted they've been a heck of a lot better since they got competition in the form of email and private companies. They haven't lost anything or made it slow for a long long time.

8:27 PM  
Blogger chasmyn said...

There is a place in Blaine, Security Mail Services, at 250 H Street. They will send out mail for you and they have stamps, too, if the wait is too long at the post office. They will also receive packages for you for a small fee, so you can avoid the customs wait. Very handy if needed, and they are open on Saturdays when the Blaine post office is not.

8:56 PM  

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